SmartCulTour Platform – Tourism FLOWS

The objective of the analysis is to understand how regions influence each other, in terms of the number of tourists, by evaluating how the increase in tourists in one region can influence that of other regions in a given country. To better understand whether this tourist increase is a good opportunity for a region or simply increases the seasonality of tourist flows, a breakdown of the data used (time-series, 8 years of monthly regional tourist arrivals up to the year 2020 pre covid-19) in the seasonal and trend component was carried out. Then it was analyzed how an increase of tourists on one component in one region will affect the increase of the same component in another region. The influence can be both positive and negative. The information obtained from this analysis could be used to answer questions such as  «what should a cultural region expect about the future of tourist flows given what is happening in other regions characterized by cultural tourism?» or «what is the best region to invest in to get the most benefit for the whole country?»