Deliverable 1.8 – Open Research Data provision

This deliverable provides an overview of the research data that has been collected and published under open access principles as of August 2021. As part of the Open Research Data Pilot of the European Commission, the SmartCulTour consortium is committed to maximally ensure open access and reuse of research data by (a) keeping an up-to-date Data Management Plan, (b) depositing data in an open access research data repository, (c) ensuring that third parties can freely access, mine, exploit, reproduce and disseminate the SmartCulTour research data, and (d) providing related information and identification (or provision) of tools needed to use the raw data.

This deliverable particularly focusses on providing information regarding the deposition of research data in an open access data repository. Data (with accompanying metadata) will be shared in timely fashion, coinciding with the publication of the main findings as stated in the deliverables. This means that additional open access research data will become available for the duration of the SmartCulTour project and the description of open data in this current document is subject to changes.

The report recognizes four kinds of data:
>Project deliverables;
>Academic publications;
>Raw research data (quantitative and qualitative);
>Miscellaneous data.

For all types of data, the reader is provided with links to online repositories and explanations on the data types and links to the project.

You can read the full report here: Deliverable 1.8

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