Deliverable 5.2 – SmartCulTour Platform on-line version

This report merely acts as a gateway for the reader/user to consult the on-line version of the SmartCulTour Platform, as the object of deliverable D5.2 of the SmartCulTour project. The dashboard can be consulted here: SmartCulTour Platform.

The Platform consists of three levels, which can be individually selected by the user: Living Labs Dashboard, Regional Dashboard and National Dashboard. Within the SmartCulTour project, the Living Labs regional focus is the cornerstone of the Platform, serving as an instrument to assist knowledge-led decision-making in the study areas. Regional and national data can then further supplement local indicators in cases where local data is unavailable or where a broader geographical analysis is of interest.

The philosophy of the SmartCulTour Platform is one of flexibility and personalization, allowing users to select their own indicators and tools for visualization via the application of widgets. Prospective users are invited to consult deliverable D5.4 “SmartCulTour Platform final guidelines”, which can be found on the project website at: This deliverable provides in-depth information on the construction of the Platform, the data sources, and the selection process and thus acts as a user manual.

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