SmartCulTour will participate in the “ReDiscover Europe” workshop organized by Impactour project

The EU-funded IMPACTOUR project organizes the workshop “ReDiscover Europe” next 9 May. IMPACTOUR is connecting cultural tourism stakeholders and researchers, envisaging new approaches and methods that will support European cultural tourism, reinforce a feeling of belonging, value minority cultures and promote Europeanisation. The project will elaborate on an advanced and adaptable methodology to estimate the impact of cultural tourism on EU regional economic growth. It will combine data analytics algorithms with machine learning and AI approaches to improve policies and actions on cultural tourism.

Bart Neuts from KU Leuven will participate in this Workshop representing SmartCulTour. The Workshop will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the role of sustainable Cultural Tourism in today’s Europe. Besides important keynote presentations the workshop will hold three key panel debates (with catalyst viewpoints from policy makers, scientific researchers, industry and cultural tourism practitioners) revolving around three themes:

>Theme 1: Post-COVID cultural tourism – what have we learned, what might we do differently, an opportunity for Big / SMART Data?

>Theme 2: People – accessibility, inclusion/exclusion, market needs

>Theme 3: Technology – digital gateways, mobile interactive content / co-curation, dynamic modelling and tourism management

You can register and read the details here:

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