The fourth hybrid workshop held in the Utsjoki Living Lab

The fourth hybrid workshop was held in the Utsjoki Living Lab on 6 October 2021 by the ULAP team with five online and three on-site participants. The workshop consisted of two main sections, specifically, introducing UNESCO’s capacity-building opportunities for SmartCulTour Living Labs and discussing the Lab-tailored interventions to be further developed.

The UNESCO team was invited to the workshop to present three capacity-building activities:

1) UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme

2) Intangible Cultural Heritage

3) Historic Urban Landscape Approach

The workshop participants discussed amongst themselves after the presentation and decided to choose the first proposal – UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme – as the most suitable capacity building activity to be implemented in the Utsjoki Lab, with some tailored contents from the Intangible Cultural Heritage activity.

Both online and on-site participants were involved in the discussion of possible Lab-tailored interventions for the Utsjoki Lab. Making storytelling videos to give essential information to visitors – for example, different aspects of the traditional and modern Sámi culture, some guidelines regarding how to behave in the destination – was chosen as and believed to be the most practical and feasible intervention to be further developed in the Lab.

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